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AR15 Attachments was born to help people customize their weapons.

The AR-15 is Americas most popular rifle platform for a large host of reasons. It is a light recoiling rifle with familiar controls, a variety of calibers to choose from, and an abundant aftermarket. That is where we come in. AR15 Attachments helps shooters comb through the nearly endless supply of aftermarket parts to find high quality manufacturers. Not only will you see parts that enhance the usability of your firearm, but you will also be able to customize the look. It’s a time tested theory: style points make you shoot faster!

AR15 Attachments wants to make it easy for experienced shooters and novices alike to find the parts they are looking for. It can be cumbersome to move through larger, online retailers who sell everything from hunting boots, trailers, and custom long-range rifles. This platform is dedicated to the AR-15 rifle. You can find some gear and apparel that you’ll need to shoot and show your passion for the second amendment on a t-shirt. But the primary focus of the sight is the AR. 

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